Lucky Morani & Amane Tuerdi

Fashion Designing (Maharashtra, India & China) 2017

Lucky Morani & Amane TuerdiFashion Designing (Maharashtra, India & China) 2017

LUCKY MORANI & AMANE TUERDI – LuckyAmane, the international label founded by Lucky Morani, a certified designer specializing in dressmaking from India, and her partner Amane Tuerdi from China, who is deeply passionate about the region’s culture and creativity.

Together, they blend their diverse backgrounds to create magnificent, internationally sought-after gowns that have become a sensation among celebrities and trendsetters in the glamorous world. Their designs reflect a fusion of Indian and Chinese aesthetics, resulting in unique and exquisite pieces that make a bold statement.

Amane’s strong ties to the Chinese film industry have led to the launch of BEIJING LUCKY AMANE INTERNATIONAL CULTURE MEDIA CO., aimed at promoting Chinese cinema in the Middle East. This collaboration not only showcases their creativity and talent but also highlights their commitment to bridging cultural gaps through fashion and film.

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