Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay LohanVersatile Artistry & Social Service (USA) 2017

LINDSAY LOHAN – Style Icon, Fashionista, a captivating Crooner and an Actor par-excellence –

She wears many hats with consummate artistry. A child-prodigy, who rose to realize her optimum potential in the tinsel world of Hollywood, she has audiences eating out of her hands, all over the globe. Few, if any, can hold a candle to her sterling work .

Millions have been enchanted with her bewitching vocals .To cap it, she has another dimension to her persona – ‘Social Activism’. She has lent unstinted and exemplary support to a wide spectrum of Social Causes, like, ‘Human Rights’, ‘Fostering Orphans’ ‘Disaster Relief’ etc. and has been crusading doggedly towards the eradication of such curses as ‘Child Abuse’, ‘AIDS’ and ‘Crimes against Women’. This has led to her working relentlessly in tandem with such Charities as ‘Red Cross’, ‘Save the Children’ ‘American Foundation for AIDS Research’ and many more. Her welfare activities for the Syrian Refugees living in Turkey deserve the highest of praise. Indeed, her superlative excellence in her Art and the unbounded compassion in her heart make her an amazing prototype of what being a ‘Woman Achiever’ is all about!

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