Lara Setrakian

Journalism (USA) 2011

Lara SetrakianJournalism (USA) 2011

LARA SETRAKIAN – In the realm where the pen transforms into a sword and ink corrodes like acid, emerges a figure of remarkable persona. She stands as the star reporter of ABC News in the Middle East, her dispatches eagerly anticipated, devoured, and treasured by a vast audience. Despite her youth, in her mid-20s, she has already established herself as a formidable force in regional journalism.

Her journey into the world of reporting was more serendipitous than strategic. A visit to her school by David Gelber, Producer of ’60 Minutes’, during her penultimate year sparked a deep-seated fascination within Lara. Gelber’s presentation on the Balkans War ignited a fire in her that led her to seek out an internship with ‘Good Morning, America’.

During her time there, Lara displayed a knack for uncovering captivating stories, suggesting pieces that resonated with viewers, such as ‘Teeth Art’, ‘Peeps’, the Harvard Swim Team, and the abuse of prescription drug Adirol among co-eds for a quick high. Her talent and drive caught the attention of Rick Kaplan, her idol, who eventually brought her to ABC.

She harbored a long-standing dream of reporting from the Middle East, and her opportunity arose when ABC decided to establish a bureau in the region. Landing in the vibrant city of Dubai, she embarked on a new chapter in her career, always seeking that elusive vote of confidence in her pursuit of impactful journalism.

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