Krushnaa Patil

Krushnaa PatilSports - Mountaineering (Maharashtra, India) 2010

KRUSHNAA PATIL – Hers is a tale of a little waft of wind that became a hurricane… a little flicker of light that became a blaze… a little drop of water that became an ocean. Destiny’s child whom the hills beckoned – or so she thought, from the earliest on. Her doting parents let her dreams flower by entering her in a Mountaineering School, but she was hardly out of her teens when she declared – ‘I will scale the Everest… and now!’

Her folks finally succumbed to her obsession and ran from pillar to post to arrange the monies for the expedition. At long last, the watershed moment arrived and young girl proved up gloriously.

The Everest conqueror at ‘18’ became Nation’s Pride…!

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