Kiran Mazumdar Shaw

Science & Technology (Karnataka, India) 2004

Kiran Mazumdar ShawScience & Technology (Karnataka, India) 2004

KIRAN MAZUMDAR SHAW – She defied conventions and shattered stereotypes, carving a path where few dared to tread. Despite being told that brewing was a man’s domain, she pursued her passion for science and innovation. Her journey took her to ‘Federation University’ in Australia, where she studied ‘Malting’ and ‘Brewing’, only to return to India and launch ‘Biocon, India’.

Starting with enzymes, she transformed Biocon into a powerhouse of bio-pharmaceuticals, focusing on affordable drugs for diabetes, cancer, and autoimmune diseases. Her efforts have been recognized globally, earning her the prestigious Othmer Gold Medal for outstanding contributions to science and chemistry.

Today, she stands as India’s richest self-made woman, a testament to her resilience and vision. Despite her immense success, her heart lies in giving back to society through ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’, particularly in the areas of health and education. Forbes has recognized her as one of the most powerful women in the world, a true ‘Compassionate Capitalist’ dedicated to making a difference.

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