Kiran Bawa

Health Care & Wellness (Maharashtra, India) 2012

Kiran BawaHealth Care & Wellness (Maharashtra, India) 2012

KIRAN BAWA – She is a free spirit, dancing to her own tune and charting her own path in life. When she decided to delve into the world of cosmetology and wellness, these fields were largely unexplored and mysterious to many. However, she was undeterred by the challenges.

Launching her own medispa, named ‘IOSIS – The Midas Touch’, she ventured into slimming, skin care, spa, and salon services. Today, her venture is a leader in its field, with a presence in over six cities. This success is a testament to her unwavering belief that wellness is at the core of existence.

Kiran is not just a person; she is a vision, an embodiment of success in the wellness industry. Her journey is a testament to the power of determination and passion in achieving one’s dreams.

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