Khawla Al Rayhi

Young Achiever – Music - Violin (Dubai, UAE) 2013

Khawla Al RayhiYoung Achiever – Music - Violin (Dubai, UAE) 2013

KHAWLA AL RAYHI – When her parents took their six-year-old daughter to a children’s musical concert, little did they know how momentous that evening would be for the family.

The girl sat there, utterly captivated. From that moment on, her life was dedicated to the violin. However, finding a suitable teacher in Agman, where they lived, proved to be a challenge. Destiny intervened when they crossed paths with Riyad Kudsi, the founder of The Emirates Symphony Orchestra, who was training young talents. He recognized Khawla’s potential and took her under his wing.

In no time, Khawla became a regular performer at concerts, astonishing everyone around her with her ability to effortlessly play pieces by Mozart and Oskar Rieding, displaying a confidence far beyond her years. She was truly a prodigy in the making.

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