Kavita Seth

Music (Uttar Pradesh, India) 2010

Kavita SethMusic (Uttar Pradesh, India) 2010

KAVITA SETH – As the notes of Sufi minstrels filled the air of the Dargah in Bareilly, a young girl sat enraptured, soaking in the divine melodies. Little did she know that one day, she would be the one captivating audiences with her own soul-stirring renditions. Her journey began at the prestigious Gandharv Mahavidyalaya in Delhi, where she honed her craft and embarked on a path that would lead her to the hearts of listeners worldwide.

It was during one of her stage shows that she caught the attention of Satish Kaushik, who introduced her to the world of Bollywood with the hauntingly beautiful “Maula” from “Vaada” and the timeless “Iktaara” from “Wake Up Sid”. From there, Kavita Seth’s talent knew no bounds, enchanting audiences from London to Berlin to Stockholm with her ethereal Sufi music.

Today, she is hailed as God’s own songstress, her voice carrying the divine essence of Sufi music to all who listen.

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