Karuna Nundy

Law - Special Mention for Women Rights (New Delhi, India) 2018

Karuna NundyLaw - Special Mention for Women Rights (New Delhi, India) 2018

KARUNA NUNDY – She is a luminary in the field of Indian law, renowned for her expertise in constitutional, commercial, and media law. Her reputation in the corporate world is unmatched, with her deep understanding of commercial law setting her apart.

In the realm of law, she stands as a towering figure, unmatched in her commitment to justice. Whether advocating for the victims of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy or fighting for the rights of women in the aftermath of the Delhi Gang-rape, she has been a relentless crusader for justice. Her work extends to human rights, where she tirelessly fights for the oppressed and exploited, igniting the torch of justice wherever she goes.

As a lawyer at the Supreme Court of India, her focus on constitutional law, commercial litigation, arbitration, media law, and legal policy has earned her accolades and recognition. Forbes Magazine described her as a “Mind that Matters,” highlighting her influence and impact in the legal arena. She is a guiding light for those in pursuit of justice and an epitome of legal prowess.

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