Kareena Kapoor

Young Achiever (Maharashtra, India) 2003

Kareena KapoorYoung Achiever (Maharashtra, India) 2003

KAREENA KAPOOR – A scion of the legendary Kapoor dynasty, which boasts luminaries like Prithviraj and Raj Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor Khan has carved her own niche as a stellar personality in Indian cinema. From her debut film, she captivated audiences, eliciting swoons and screams. Over time, she ascended to become the queen of blockbusters and reportedly the highest-paid leading lady in Hindi films.

The Kareena phenomenon transcends borders, her magnetism spanning generations. For the youth, she is the ultimate role model, with her fashion choices, lifestyle, and opinions eagerly followed and emulated. As the brand ambassador of ‘BBC Earth,’ she embodies the best of what the youth aspire to be—educated, aware, and socially conscious. She  is not just a star; she is a cultural icon, inspiring millions with her grace, talent, and charisma.

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