Kalpana Morparia

Banking (Maharashtra, India) 2013

Kalpana MorpariaBanking (Maharashtra, India) 2013

KALPANA MORPARIA – The turning point in her career came when she joined ICICI Bank, where her ‘Go-getter’ attitude came to the forefront. Over the course of her 33 years at the organization, she has seen remarkable success. She played a pivotal role in the major corporate restructuring initiative of merging ICICI Limited with ICICI Bank, creating India’s second-largest bank.

Today, she holds the prestigious position of CEO at JP Morgan, overseeing operations at Bennet & Colemen, Dr. Reddy’s Lab, and the philanthropic activities of Bharti Airtel. Her achievements have been widely recognized, and she was named one of ‘The 50 Most Powerful Women in International Business’ by Fortune magazine in 2008.

Her journey is a testament to her determination and leadership skills. She has truly become a ‘Corporate Leader,’ inspiring others with her remarkable career trajectory.

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