Haifa Wehbe

Music - Vocals (Lebanon) 2013

Haifa WehbeMusic - Vocals (Lebanon) 2013

HAIFA MOHAMMAD WEHBE – a Lebanese singer and actress, is a force to be reckoned with. Her personality is a whirlwind of charm and intensity, making it impossible to ignore her presence. Whether you adore her or not, she leaves a lasting impression.

Growing up on a musical diet of Jazz and R&B, she dreamt of becoming a crooner herself. Her debut album, ‘Houwa Al Zaman’ (It’s the Time), resonated deeply with listeners, with the single ‘Agoul Ahwak’ (I Say I Love You) becoming an instant hit.

In addition to her music career, she has made notable appearances in films and television, capturing the hearts of many along the way. Her ability to blend Oriental and Western music styles is exemplified in her latest album, ‘Malikat Jamal Kon’ (Miss Universe), with its music video filmed in Italy. This achievement made her the first Lebanese artist to claim the #1 spot on the US iTunes charts, solidifying her status as a global music sensation.

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