Habiba Al Marashi

Environmental Excellence (Dubai, UAE) 2014

Habiba Al MarashiEnvironmental Excellence (Dubai, UAE) 2014

HABIBA AL MARASHI – In a remarkable turn of events, a young Civil Servant with a keen analytical mind veered off her expected path to embrace a new mission—protecting the environment. She joined forces with 12 like-minded individuals to establish the ‘Emirates Environmental Group’ (EEG) with a dual purpose: to raise awareness about environmental issues and to promote recycling.

With visionary foresight, she decided to target the youth, believing that educating them early would have a lasting impact. She pioneered initiatives such as ‘Environmental Drawing Competitions,’ ‘Clean-up UAE,’ and ‘My Community’ to cultivate a sense of responsibility for the environment among the next generation. Today, the EEG stands as a testament to her dedication and serves as a beacon for reversing the adverse effects of unchecked growth.

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