H.H. Sheikha Noora Bint Khalifa Al Khalifa

Business (Bahrain) 2016

H.H. Sheikha Noora Bint Khalifa Al KhalifaBusiness (Bahrain) 2016

H.H. SHEIKHA NOORA BINT KHALIFA AL KHALIFA – She is a titan in the world of commerce, known for her expertise in graphic design. As the CEO of ‘Medpoint,’ a widely acclaimed hub for publicity and advertising, she has set new standards in outdoor advertising, web design, and event management. ‘Medpoint’ is now synonymous with top-tier branding solutions, offering unparalleled reach to brands across various platforms.

Her role extends beyond the business realm, as she also serves as the National Brand Ambassador for the ‘International Non-Olympic University,’ which is associated with Nobel Peace Prize recommendations. Her work is not just about creating advertisements; it’s about creating a halo around a brand, elevating its image and impact.

Her achievements and contributions have placed her on the highest pedestal in the industry, where she continues to innovate and inspire with her creative vision and strategic acumen.

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