H.E. Laila Mohd Suhail

H.E. Laila Mohd SuhailDistinction for the Dynamic Development Of Dubai (Dubai, UAE) - 2014

H.E. LAILA MOHD SUHAIL – She is the embodiment of the modern Emirati woman, boldly leading the charge towards her ambitions.

From the vast dunes of the desert, she has helped transform Dubai into a vibrant hub of modernity and luxury. Recognizing her vision and capability, the royal family entrusted her with the responsibility of shaping Dubai’s global identity.

As the CEO of DEPE, she has spearheaded groundbreaking initiatives such as the world-renowned ‘Dubai Shopping Festival’ and ‘Dubai Summer Surprises’. Her efforts have not only elevated Dubai’s retail, events, and tourism sectors but have also transformed Dubai into a dynamic symbol of innovation and progress, captivating the world with its futuristic vision. Dubai is her gift to the world, a testament to her unwavering dedication and leadership.

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