H. E. Fatima Al Jaber

Entrepreneurship (Dubai, UAE) 2013

H. E. Fatima Al JaberEntrepreneurship (Dubai, UAE) 2013

H.E. FATIMA AL JABER – A towering figure in the construction industry, her name commands respect and admiration. Her remarkable achievements have garnered international recognition, with Forbes naming her the 7th most influential and powerful woman in the Arab world.

Her success story is a testament to her unwavering spirit, determination, and entrepreneurial flair. As the COO of the prestigious Al Jaber Group, she has propelled the company to the forefront of the GCC construction industry.

In addition to her corporate leadership, she serves as the Chairperson of Abu Dhabi’s Business Women’s Council and has founded Al Bashayer Investment Company, catering to female buyers across the region. Under her guidance, the Al Jaber Group has become the largest private sector employer in the UAE, employing over 50,000 people, solidifying her reputation as a true leader and trailblazer.

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