H.E. Dr.Maryam Matar

Medicine & Healthcare (Dubai, UAE) 2013

H.E. Dr.Maryam MatarMedicine & Healthcare (Dubai, UAE) 2013

H.E. DR.MARYAM MATAR – She is the lifeline to many, the embodiment of healing in a world of ailments. Her commitment to the field of medicine goes beyond profession; it is a relentless crusade for the betterment of her community and country.

Destined for a life in medicine, her dedication and expertise have earned her recognition at the highest levels in Dubai, culminating in her selection for HH Sultan Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoom’s Leadership Development program. Since then, she has continued to soar.

Today, she stands as the founder and leader of the UAE Genetic Diseases Association, spearheading groundbreaking campaigns against conditions like Down’s syndrome and Thalassaemia. Her work is not just a job; it is a mission, a testament to her unwavering commitment to serving others.

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