H. E. Aysha Al Bedeed Almanaie

H. E. Aysha Al Bedeed AlmanaieFashion Designing (Qatar) 2016

H.E. AYSHA AL BEDEED ALMANAIE – The Queen-bee of Haute Couture!

A trendsetter without parallel. With a touch of her fingers, fabrics are transformed into creations that are truly out of this world. Today, her label, ‘Darz Designs’, reigns supreme in the world of fashion in the Middle East, a testament to her unparalleled talent and vision.

Her obsession with traditional elements while creating modern designs sets her apart. Aisha’s designs are not just garments; they are pieces of art, with each piece meticulously crafted to exude elegance, luxury, and sophistication. She has a knack for turning even the most routine wear into essential art pieces, introducing innovative textiles like velvet and French Chantilly lace into her creations.

With Aisha’s creations, elegance, luxury, and sophistication have found a new name. Her designs are not just clothing; they are statements of style and grace, embodying the essence of modern fashion while paying homage to traditional aesthetics.

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