Grace Pinto

Education (Maharashtra, India) 2012

Grace PintoEducation (Maharashtra, India) 2012

GRACE PINTO – A true visionary, she is dedicating her life to shaping the future of India through the power of education. With unwavering missionary zeal, she serves as the Managing Director of both the Ryan and St. Xavier groups of schools, playing a pivotal role in providing quality education to countless young minds.

What sets her apart is her commitment to inclusivity and social responsibility. Through initiatives like ‘Radiant Schools’ and ‘Anubhav’, she ensures that underprivileged and handicapped children, as well as those from destitute widows, have access to education, free books, uniforms, and mid-day meals. Her efforts are not just about imparting knowledge but about fostering empowerment and opportunities for all.

In her, we see the harbinger of a new era in education, where every child, regardless of background, has the chance to thrive and succeed in the new millennium. She is truly a beacon of hope and progress in the realm of education in India.

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