Flavia Agnes

Flavia AgnesSocial Service & Law - Women Rights (Maharashtra, India) 2012

FLAVIA AGNES – The lighthouse!

She rips through the dark that engulfs countless Women in the country, today.

She was also caught in the vortex of a violent marriage for 13 agonising years, before she finally cast off the yoke of this traumatic bonding. She chose to take a detour and turn her back on her cursed past, totally. Today, she has taken on a new avatar as a lawyer and a crusader against the wrongs done to women.

She uses ‘Law’ as a weapon to rid Women of exploitation!

So whether it is Marital Violence or plain Mental Brutality, or the Sexual Abuse perpetrated on Women – she has taken up cudgels against all that and more! In the process, she has ruddered many a woman out of the abominable abyss of exploitation!

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