Falguni Nayar

Banking & Entrepreneurship (Maharashtra, India) 2008 & 2018

Falguni NayarBanking & Entrepreneurship (Maharashtra, India) 2008 & 2018

FALGUNI NAYAR – Helming the ‘Kotak Investment Bank’ for 19 years as its Managing Director, she has dedicated her life to promoting the importance of investment and savings. Her focus on nurturing the investment spirit has reaped tremendous benefits for investors, helping the ‘Kotak’ conglomerate become one of India’s top five institutional brokers.

In addition to her success in the financial sector, she has also made a mark in the world of e-commerce with ‘Nykaa.com,’ an online store specializing in beauty and wellness products. Her commitment to excellence is evident in her mantra, ‘retail is all about detail,’ which she passionately promotes.

Her achievements make her an exceptional achiever, setting high standards of success and dedication in both the financial and retail industries.

She is known for her entrepreneurial spirit and innovative approach to business, making her a prominent figure in India’s startup ecosystem.

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