Dr. Zulekha Daud

Social Responsibility (Maharashtra, India) 2013

Dr. Zulekha DaudSocial Responsibility (Maharashtra, India) 2013

DR.ZULEKHA DAUD- Known affectionately as “Mama Zulekha,” she is a beacon of hope for countless individuals seeking healing and solace in their times of need. To women on the brink of motherhood, she is akin to a modern-day Mother Mary, offering not just medical expertise but also a comforting touch that transcends traditional healthcare.

She firmly believes that her touch is more potent than even the most advanced medical equipment or the expertise of specialists. This belief has been validated by her remarkable track record, with over 10,000 successful deliveries credited to her name. As the first female doctor in the region, she has engraved her legacy in golden letters in the annals of history.

Today, her name is synonymous with compassion, and her “Zulekha Group of Hospitals” is at the forefront of community healthcare initiatives. Despite the challenges that come with age, she remains the guiding light of her hospital, continuing to inspire those around her with her unwavering dedication to serving humanity.

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