Dr. Swati Srivastava

Dr. Swati SrivastavaCosmetologist (Maharashtra, India) 2017

SWATI SRIVASTAVA – A blend of passion & talent, celebrity injector, she is a Dermato- Cosmetologist known for sketching beautiful faces. In a short span of 7 years, she has become a renowned name in the highly specialized area of cosmetology. To her credit she has an enriching professional experience, prior to launching her own brand of skin care cosmetic clinic – ‘Sketch’ in Mumbai.

Facial sculpting is an art in itself and as a skillful artisan is a master of this craft. She is also a consultant at Asian Heart Institute. Her dexterous use of Botox & Fillers is regarded by her patients as nothing short of the wave of a magical wand. Through her innumerable procedures conducted on patients, she has developed significant expertise in areas such as Facial Rejuvenation, Botox , Fillers, Mesotherapy, Thread Lift, Lasers & Cellulite reduction.

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