Dr. Pratibha Jolly

Education (New Delhi, India) 2011

Dr. Pratibha JollyEducation (New Delhi, India) 2011

DR. PRATIBHA JOLLY –She  is a luminary in the realm of education, illuminating the path to knowledge for countless individuals with her wisdom and guidance. As the esteemed Principal of Delhi’s renowned ‘Miranda House,’ she has dedicated her life to nurturing erudition among generations of young women.

Her contributions extend beyond the classroom; she has spearheaded initiatives like the ‘DS Kothari Centre for Research & Innovation in Science Education,’ fostering groundbreaking research programs. Her influence in the field of education transcends borders, making her one of the most respected voices globally.

Her accolades include prestigious fellowships at renowned institutions such as the ‘American Physics Society,’ ‘Fulbright Fellowships,’ and ‘Kansas University,’ among others. She exemplifies the true essence of a guru, leaving an indelible mark on the world of education.

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