Dr. Nandita Palshetkar

Dr. Nandita PalshetkarMedicine & Healthcare (Maharashtra, India) 2011

DR. NANDITA PALSHETKAR – It would be no hyperbole to call her ‘ the face of the IVF & Surrogacy’, today. The daughter of eminent Educationist, Dr. DY Patil, has created miracles in the field, like, making a half body paralysed man a father, or a 60-year old woman a mother, or delivering the first ever Laser-hatched twins… you name it.

Taking a leaf from her father who spread Learning amongst the destitute, she has also never let her expertise to be a prerogative of the Rich only and has allowed the Poor of the Country also to benefit by it, equally.

Without an iota of doubt – she is ‘Peerless’…!

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