Dr. Maha Abdullah Al Muneef

Dr. Maha Abdullah Al MuneefMedicine & Healthcare (Saudi Arabia) 2012

DR. MAHA ABDULLAH AL MUNEEF – She is a Medico from the illustrious Yale University, where she studied infectious diseases and training in Paediatrics at its Children’s Hospital.

Using her medicinal expertise in infections diseases, she started treating afflicted children. And to the urchins & waifs out there, she became a real godsend.

Particularly, her focus on children with AIDS is praise worthy to the utmost. She has gone far beyond physical ailments. The spectrum of her welfare activities for children is rather vast and her concerns embrace Social scourges like Child-abuse and Child-neglect, too.

Then she decided to be the voice of the little victims of such abuse. Hers is a highly vocal, eloquent presence that doesn’t stop at anything when it comes to her passions and beliefs.

She is called the Steinem of Arabia! Exceptional… Exalted… Exemplary!

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