Dr. Houriya Kazim

Dr. Houriya KazimMedicine & Healthcare (Dubai, UAE) 2011

DR.HOURIYA KAZIM – She stands as a solitary warrior against the pervasive threat of Breast Cancer in the Arabian region, her hands touched by a divine purpose. To her dismay, she discovered the absence of a specialized center to combat this deadly disease.

Undeterred, she started from scratch, eventually establishing the ‘Well Woman Clinic,’ a comprehensive medical facility dedicated to women’s health. Her commitment led her to create ‘Breast Friends,’ the sole Breast Cancer support group in the area, providing solace and guidance to those in need.

Recognizing the harsh realities faced by many women in accessing treatment, she founded a Breast Cancer charity under the ‘Well Woman’ initiative, ensuring that no one would have to navigate this challenging journey alone. Her efforts have not only saved lives but have also illuminated a path of hope for countless women in the region.

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