Dr. Fatima Mana Al Otaiba

International Business (Abu Dhabi, UAE)

Dr. Fatima Mana Al OtaibaInternational Business (Abu Dhabi, UAE)

DR. FATIMA MANA AL OTAIBA-Shattering the glass ceiling, she stands as a shining example of success as the CEO and President of the esteemed Al Otaiba Group. Hailing from one of the UAE’s most prominent families, she began her career serving in UAE Diplomatic Missions in Switzerland, Egypt, and Pakistan for 13 years, gaining valuable experience and insights.

Upon joining the family business empire, which spanned a wide spectrum of interests including imports, trading, products, services, construction, and energy, she spearheaded its international expansion. Under her leadership, the Al Otaiba Group made its mark on the global stage, solidifying her position among the top echelons of business tycoons in the Middle East. Her journey is a testament to her vision, determination, and leadership prowess, inspiring women and men alike to reach for the stars.

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