Dr. Fatima Mana Al Otaiba

Dr. Fatima Mana Al OtaibaInternational Business (Abu Dhabi, UAE)

DR. FATIMA MANA AL OTAIBA – Breaking the Glass-ceiling…

She is one of the most glowing examples -the CEO and President of the Business behemoth – of the Al Otaiba Group. Born to one of the most pre-eminent families of the UAE, as the daughter of the former Minister of Petroleum & Mineral she got opportunities to serve in the UAE Diplomatic Missions in Switzerland, Egypt and Pakistan for 13 years.

She then joined the family’s Business Empire that had the widest spectrum of interests in Imports, Trading, Products & Services, Construction and Energy. And it was under her stewardship, that the Group took it’s first-ever steps towards its International presence. All of that has earned her a niche in the pantheon of Business Tycoons in the Middle-East.

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