Dr. Ashima Goyal

Economist (Uttar Pradesh, India) 2018

Dr. Ashima GoyalEconomist (Uttar Pradesh, India) 2018

DR. ASHIMA GOYAL  – a formidable presence in the field of economics, with a vast body of work that spans institutional and open economy macroeconomics, international finance, and governance. Her research, comprising over a hundred articles in esteemed national and international journals, has cemented her reputation as a leading authority in her field.

Recognized as one of the four most powerful women in economics, as lauded by ‘Business Today’, she has been aptly dubbed ‘The Thought Leader’. Her contributions serve as a guiding light, constantly illuminating new horizons in economic research and analysis.

Having achieved numerous milestones along her journey, she now holds a distinguished position as a member of the Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council. Her impact on Indian economics is profound and enduring, making her a true polestar in her field, guiding and shaping the economic landscape of the nation.

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