Dr. Archana Garud

Dr. Archana GarudSpecial Honour - Bravery (Maharashtra, India) 2009

ARCHANA GARUD – 26th November, 2008 – night descended on Sobo’s ‘Cama & Albless’ Hospital and it started slipping into hibernation mould after a usual hectic-feverish day. But suddenly the horrific News came about terrorists heading there to unleash a bloody spree of annihilation. Total bedlam gripped the premises, but suddenly a ‘Saviour’ surfaced from amongst them in the form of Dr. Archana, who, instead of plunging into a panic-attack, coolly herded everyone present to a backroom and put the lights off.

The predators did come, but couldn’t get a clue to people’s whereabouts. They had to leave the premises without harming a soul who were all under her protection.

She is a picture of pluck, patience and presence of mind…!

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