Clarita De Quiroz

Music - Instrumental (Dubai, UAE) 2012

Clarita De QuirozMusic - Instrumental (Dubai, UAE) 2012

CLARITA DE QUIROZ – She is truly possessed by the piano, her hands deftly striking the keys, creating a symphony of nifty notes that curl up in the air. From a young age, she has been consumed by music, and today, she has emerged as a prodigious talent in the field. Her music is both electrifying and eclectic, a reflection of her unique approach where she draws inspiration from the colors and shapes around her, translating them into musical compositions.

Not limited to just the piano, she is also skilled as a percussionist and vocalist, showcasing a multi-faceted persona that finds its zenith in the realm of music. Her talent knows no bounds, and she has even dabbled in modeling, showcasing her versatility and creativity in various forms of art. For her, music is a language that transcends words, speaking directly to the soul.

‘Where words end – Music speaks! She says.

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