Chhaya Momaya

Chhaya MomayaStyle Consultant (Maharashtra, India) 2012

CHHAYA MOMAYA – a highly esteemed life coach, renowned for transforming the lives and careers of prominent figures across various fields. From industrialists to politicians, housewives to investment bankers, and even youngsters, she has wielded her transformative touch, shaping them into entirely new personas.

Beauty pageant contestants seek her guidance for tips that will help them excel, while pop stars turn to her to refine their public image. Airline crews also rely on her expertise to enhance their appearance and demeanor, ensuring they are a delight to behold. She is truly a savior for those whose success hinges on their presentation.

With expertise in grooming, imaging, etiquette, and personality development, she is hailed as a grooming par excellence. Her ability to sculpt individuals into their best selves has earned her widespread admiration and respect, making her a beacon of transformation in the world of personal development.

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