Bushra Rozza

Bushra RozzaEndevours For Women Rights (Egypt) 2012

BUSHRA ROZZA – She is a multi-talented artist, renowned as an Egyptian actress and singer. Her excellence spans across various mediums, including stage, big screen, small screen, and even the world of singing. In each of these realms, she has left an indelible mark, with critics and audiences alike praising her virtuosity of performance and mastery of the theatrical medium.

Beyond her artistic prowess, she has also used her platform to address social issues, particularly those concerning women. Her film “Cairo 678” stands as a scathing expos√© of the rampant sexual harassment prevalent in the region, shedding light on a topic that often goes unspoken in society. The film served as a powerful tool against the perverted mindset of sexual abuse, sparking important conversations and raising awareness.

Bushra is a shining example of an artist who uses her talents not just for entertainment but also as a force for social change. Her commitment to addressing important issues through her art is commendable, and she stands as a beacon of hope and empowerment for women in her community and beyond.

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