Begum Mumtaz Khan

Begum Mumtaz KhanCulinary Supremacy (Andhra Pradesh, India) 2014

BEGUM MUMTAZ KHAN – Who knew that when a 14-year old callow & coy girl was wrapped off to her Sasuraal in Bridal fineries, she was slated for global fame by Destiny? Enveloped by environs that were alien to her, she strangely found solace and comfort in the unlikeliest of places – the Kitchen! The next she knew, she was totally immersed in spices & recipes, a passion that became an obsession, only to give her that rarest of the rare mastery over all things culinary!

That’s how the ‘Mumtaz Begum Legend’ was born! Often called the ‘Sultana of Spices’, she has turned ‘Cooking’ into ‘Art’ that has been acknowledged globally. Also, she has gone on to become a ‘Guiding-beacon’ to generations of girls in Cookery.

The High-Priestess of Haute-cuisine…!

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