Bashaer Othman

Bashaer OthmanYoung Achiever (Palestine, East Jerusalem) 2013

BASHAER OTHMAN – She has achieved what would be the envy of the veterans. Not even the wildest imagination can make you think that a 15 year old can be the Mayor of a city. But she has accomplished just the feat by becoming the Mayor of Allar a Palestinian town of some 9,000 residents, governing it for 2 months. Indeed, she is a Youth-icon today, who is striving relentlessly to realise her resolve that – ‘We want no pessimism in Palestine!’

At the age of 16, she was appointed the Minister of Local Administration in Palestine, proving that young people in the Middle East are more than capable of leading when given the opportunity. During her term, she inaugurated a new fire department and a public park with the assistance of 11 other dedicated teenagers.

A Model Citizen!!

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