Bashaer Othman

Young Achiever (Palestine, East Jerusalem) 2013

Bashaer OthmanYoung Achiever (Palestine, East Jerusalem) 2013

BASHAER OTHMAN – She has achieved what would be the envy of veterans in politics. At just 15 years old, she defied all odds by becoming the Mayor of Allar, a Palestinian town with around 9,000 residents, governing it for an impressive 2 months. Today, she stands as a youth icon, tirelessly striving to fulfill her resolve that “We want no pessimism in Palestine!”

At the remarkable age of 16, she was appointed the Minister of Local Administration in Palestine, showcasing that young people in the Middle East are more than capable of leading when given the opportunity. During her term, she spearheaded the inauguration of a new fire department and a public park, all accomplished with the assistance of 11 other dedicated teenagers.

She is truly a model citizen, demonstrating that age is no barrier to making a meaningful impact in governance and society. Her story is a testament to the power of youth and determination in effecting positive change in the world.

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