Barkha Shewakramani

Barkha ShewakramaniFashion (Dubai, UAE) 2014


Don’t get it otherwise – it is the Fashion label we are talking about, which has created such a stir in the tinsel people and the upper-crust. She had a culturally sumptuous childhood that brimmed with rich fabrics such as Brocade, Lace and raw Silk and that led her to be perennially intrigued by the world of Fashion.

She was destined to be a Makeover marvel. Her work is a reflection of her own persona- Self-confessedly, she has a thing about Jewellery and most of her garments are done in Jewel tones and made of Silk or Velvet that reflect the sheen of natural Gemstones. She also has a socially conscious side to her, resulting in hearty Charity. Just cut out for the room-at-the-top!

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