Badria Al Mulla

Badria Al MullaBusiness (Abu Dhabi, UAE) 2011

BADRIA AL MULLA – With a keen mind and determination, she has turned everything she touches into gold, earning her the moniker of having the ‘Midas touch’. Born into a business family, she was destined for greatness in the world of trade and commerce.

A true ‘dream come true’ for her father, she has not only carried forward his legacy but has also elevated it to new heights. Her rare flair and flourish in business have led to the success of her International Emirates Business Group (IEBG), which encompasses diverse sectors like oil & gas, real estate, and fashion.

Her innovative thinking extends beyond business operations. She has developed a unique strategy and performance enhancement management tool called the ‘Virtual Integrated Management System’ (VIMS), which has been adopted by various governmental organizations to improve their work outputs. Her visionary leadership and commitment to excellence have truly set her apart in the business world.

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