Anuradha Gautam

Anuradha GautamSpecial Mention - Bravery (Rajasthan, India) 2011

ANURADHA GAUTAM – Hers is a story of an Atom becoming Himalaya… A strictly ‘average’ girl of average bearing suddenly turned into an epitome of ‘Fortitude’ on that journey on the Mewad Express. In the wee hours when the train had halted on Mathura Station, suddenly there was an ear-splitting thud as the speeding Goa Express tore through it like a rapier. All hell broke loose and severed limbs started flying all over.

In stunned horror, Anuradha saw two tiny tots crying their lungs out and she lunged at them and hid them under her body.  Suddenly, a heavy metal sheet fell on her, rendering her totally immobile. Still, despite the excruciating pain, she did not let go of the children.

Young Anuradha redefined ‘Bravery’ on that night…!

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