Anuja Chauhan

Advertising (Up, India) 2009

Anuja ChauhanAdvertising (Up, India) 2009

ANUJA CHAUHAN – a versatile Indian author, advertiser, and screenwriter. In the dynamic world of advertising, where the right words can make or break a campaign, she stands out with her unique knack for crafting memorable copy. Her ability to capture the essence of a brand is evident in slogans like Pepsi’s “Yeh Dil Maange More” and “Oye Bubbly,” which became iconic in their own right.

One of her most notable feats was during the ICC Cricket World Cup in 1998 when Coca Cola secured the rights as the official drink. In a stroke of genius, she coined the phrase “There is nothing official about it” for Pepsi, cleverly turning the tables on its competitor.

Despite her success in advertising, she  decided to transition to a full-time literary career. Her writing style is captivating, leaving readers “pen-struck” by her storytelling prowess.

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