Anu Aga

Business (Maharashtra, India) 2007

Anu AgaBusiness (Maharashtra, India) 2007

ANU AGA – She embarked on her professional journey with Thermax in 1985, gradually assuming greater responsibilities, particularly in the realm of human resources, from 1991 to 1996. In a pivotal move, she assumed the executive Chairperson role of the Thermax Group in February 1996, followed by a transition to non-executive Chairperson two years later. Her tenure at Thermax has been marked by four major turnaround initiatives, including restructuring the board, divesting non-core activities, right-sizing operations, and intensifying focus on customer-centricity.

Beyond her corporate stewardship, she is a prolific writer and speaker, addressing diverse topics such as corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, women’s role in society, and education. Her commitment to education is evident in her support for organizations that champion educational causes, particularly for underprivileged children from slums. Collaborating with the Mumbai-based NGO Akanksha, meaning “hope,” she has established centers for slum children in Pune, embodying her dedication to nurturing young minds and empowering communities.

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