Anoushka Shankar

Music (London, UK) 2003

Anoushka ShankarMusic (London, UK) 2003

ANOUSHKA SHANKAR – She is the daughter of the legendary Indian sitar maestro, Ravi Shankar, inheriting a rich musical legacy. Embracing the sitar from a tender age of 7, under her father’s tutelage, she swiftly blossomed into a remarkable sitar player and composer. By the age of 10, she was already accompanying her father on the tanpura, imbibing the essence of music and honing her skills on stage. Her debut sitar performance at 13 marked the onset of a prolific musical journey.

With time, she evolved her unique sitar sound and musical style, garnering acclaim and recognition. Besides her musical pursuits, she delved into acting and writing, penning a biography titled “Bapi: The Love of My Life,” chronicling her father’s life and legacy.

Beyond her artistic endeavors, she is a vocal advocate for animal rights, passionately supporting the cause. She also serves as the spokesperson for the United Nations World Food Programme in India, channeling her influence and voice towards humanitarian efforts.

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