Anita Dongre

Fashion Designing (Maharashtra, India) 2008

Anita DongreFashion Designing (Maharashtra, India) 2008

ANITA DONGRE – a trailblazer in the world of fashion, setting trends and creating high-street fashion at affordable prices. Her designs cater to a wide spectrum of women, from career professionals to teenagers, socialites, young mothers, and even plus-sized females. Despite the flamboyance of her designs, Anita remains deeply rooted in Indian culture, often incorporating elements of India’s rich heritage into her creations. Additionally, her commitment to sustainability is evident in her eco-conscious designs, which resonate with today’s organic age.

Anita is dedicated to reviving Indian crafts and textiles, supporting women’s empowerment in India, and uplifting villages by providing livelihood opportunities. One such village is Charoti, located 150 km from Mumbai in Maharashtra, where she has implemented training programs in basic stitching, ironing, and pattern cutting. This initiative enables women in the village to create outfits and accessories for Anita’s brand, empowering them to earn a sustainable livelihood. Anita Dongre’s work embodies a perfect blend of fashion, sustainability, and social responsibility, making her a true visionary in the fashion industry.

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