Anfal Alansari

Anfal AlansariEntrepreneur (Kuwait) 2016

ANFAL ALANSARI’S story is one of floral fascination turned into a flourishing business. Her love for flowers became her life’s calling, leading to the establishment of ‘Lily Fleur’, an exclusive outlet for floral bouquets and arrangements that has seen remarkable success. Her passion has brought joy to countless individuals, spreading the beauty of flowers far and wide.

Equipped with knowledge and expertise, Anfal has revolutionized the art of floral arrangement not only in Kuwait but also across the Middle East. Evolving from a mere florist to a flower educationist, she has expanded her horizons and demonstrated her entrepreneurial spirit. As the Princess of Petals, she has created a floral cult, inspiring others to appreciate and celebrate the beauty of flowers in all its forms.

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