Ambika SoniMinister I&B - Politics (Punjab, India) 2011

AMBIKA SONI – She is an Indian Politician belonging to the India National Congress. In 1975, she made a paradigm shift to ‘Public-life’ when she was elected as the President of the ‘Indian Youth Congress’ and in no time, merited the reputation of a ‘Doer’, while her integrity & commitment earned her the implicit trust of those in the highest echelons of her party. And the result was her being a part of the Union Cabinet, handling high profile Ministries as ‘Tourism’ and ‘Information & Broadcasting’.

However, there is far more to her persona than just Politics, like, she is a linguist of sorts, what with having the ‘Diplôme Supérieure en Langue Française’ and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Spanish Arts & Literature as well.

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