Ama Jetsun Pema

Golden Scroll Of Honour - Education & Healthcare (Himachal Pradesh, India) 2014

Ama Jetsun PemaGolden Scroll Of Honour - Education & Healthcare (Himachal Pradesh, India) 2014

AMA JETSUN PEMA, the sister of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, is a figure of divinity and compassion. For 42 years, she has served as the President of the Tibetan Children’s Villages school system, providing education to Tibetan refugee students.

Affectionately known as “Mother Ama” to the Tibetan Refugee Community, she has dedicated her life to improving the lives of refugee children. She established the Tibetan Children’s Villages, complete with schools and vocational training centers, rescuing thousands of children from dire circumstances. Her maternal warmth and compassion have touched lives across the globe.

In recognition of her outstanding contribution to education, particularly for disadvantaged children, the Government of India honored her with the Nari Shakti Puruskar, the highest civilian award for women. Her tireless efforts and selfless dedication have made her a beacon of hope and inspiration for countless individuals

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