Alisha, Schauna & Nadia Chauhan

Alisha, Schauna & Nadia ChauhanYoung Entrepreneurs (Maharashtra, India) - 2018

ALISHA, SCHAUNA & NADIA CHAUHAN – three sisters, three dynamic forces, and one remarkable success story. Together, the Chauhan siblings have revolutionized the ‘Parle’ brand, propelling it to unprecedented heights and garnering global recognition. Their collaborative efforts not only honored their father’s legacy but also exemplified the sheer power of women in business.

While Schauna and Nadia continue to steer ‘Parle Agro’ to new horizons, Alisha has ventured into the fitness industry, making significant strides. Their determination knows no bounds, and they continue to inspire awe with their relentless pursuit of excellence. For this trio of triumph, even the sky is not the limit.

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