Alia, Katreen & Svetlana Al Neyadi

Dance (Russia & USA) 2012

Alia, Katreen & Svetlana Al NeyadiDance (Russia & USA) 2012

ALIA, KATREEN & SVETLANA AL NEYADI – They are truly miracle-workers, bringing the art of ballet from the snowy lands to the sands of Abu Dhabi. Svetlana, with her ballet training from Russia, followed her heart to Abu Dhabi after marriage, determined to share her passion for ballet in this new land.

Through her dedication and vision, she founded ‘Fantasia,’ a ballet school that has not only flourished but has also created a unique space for ballet in the region. The students of Fantasia have even participated in global art festivals, showcasing the impact of Svetlana’s work.

Her daughters, Katreen and Alia, have been integral to her journey, sharing her passion for ballet. Svetlana herself has earned the title of the first Ballerina of the UAE, thanks to her exceptional artistry and mastery of techniques like ‘Pirouetting.’

Together, this family is a powerhouse, demonstrating the beauty and grace of ballet in the heart of the desert, making their mark on the world stage.

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