Aiisha Ramadan

Fashion Designer (Dubai, UAE) 2011

Aiisha RamadanFashion Designer (Dubai, UAE) 2011

AIISHA RAMADAN – During the Lebanese Civil War, her family fled to Dubai with their young daughter, unknowingly carrying the key to her destiny.

Her natural talent for styling blossomed when she pursued fashion design. She was recognized as the ‘Young Designer of the Year’ by Swarovski, marking a significant achievement in her career. However, her true breakthrough came when Nokia commissioned her to design for their ‘Prism 7900’ series. Her designs for Nokia have become legendary in the fashion world, seamlessly blending contemporary aesthetics with classic styles.

Her mantra revolves around knowing and loving one’s body, understanding what works best for oneself. This philosophy is evident in her designs, which resonate with a wide audience, bridging the gap between contemporary and classic styles.

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