GR8! Chitchat – Himanshoo Malhotra

Himmanshoo Malhotra answers:

Day starts around: 7 a.m. in the morning

That First thing in the day: I pray to God and say thank you for one more day in my life!

Tips for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner: On Breakfast, I prefer bread omelette with cheese and for Lunch Dal & Paneer with two chapatis coupled with salad and dahi. Have a protein shake in between. Dinners I like to keep it light so just indulge in soup and salad.

Anxiously wait for: To reach home to meet my wife and watch TV with her at night.

Feel lazy to: Set my hair, funny na!

While travelling you: I love travelling and while travelling I prefer to eat delicious yummy food

Tring Tring… For sure telephonic calls:  Wife, Mom and Brother

Daily Workout regime: Everyday either in the morning or late at night. I do lot of Crossfit training

Mantra for being fit: Eat healthy since what you consume throughout the day is very important

Activity to unwind from stress: Books and my Apple music

Day ends with: Watching TV at night, a movie or something


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