GR8 Chit Chat With Ragini Khanna..

I would love to change the perception that TV actors are below par then their filmy counterparts – Ragini Khanna

Popular  TV actor  Ragini  Khanna last seen hosting Dil Hai Chota Sa Choti Si Asha on  Sony  Pal  is quite excited about her second  Hindi  film  Ghoomketu  opposite  Nawazudin.  “This is something I have never done before.   It is always a challenge to construct a character (my previous project) then de construct and then   reconstruct again. But I am glad I am trying.”

How do you see your shift from the small to the big screen? “Having been a TV actor (call to fame Sasural  Genda  Phool) the filmy journey is different in terms  of narrative and structure, etc.  It is very interesting to meet different people and learn new languages of cinema thereby enabling me to evolve as a better actor. It is very important to keep exploring new stuff, as monotony turns me off big time. ”

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